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About Us

Who We Are, What We Stand For and How We Operate

The 365th-FBG

Hell Hawks 

The 365th Fighter Bomber Group Hell Hawks operates as a Squadron based in Aces High II flight simulation. The 365th members have a long and proud history in such flight simulations as: Air Warrior, Fighter Ace and now Aces High II. The 365th is a new squadron started in October 2008, comprised of some players with over fifteen years simulation experience.

Statement of Principles

The 365th-FBG Hell Hawks operate as a squadron based in the Aces High II combat flight simulation. The 365th members have a long and proud history in such flight simulations as: Air Warrior, Fighter Ace and now Aces High II. The 365th is a new squadron started in October 2008, comprised of some players with over fifteen years flight simulation experience. The following is a brief description of the Core Principles that the 365th Hell Hawks abides by:

1. Respect:

Not merely respect for squad leadership but quite the opposite. The leadership of the 365th maintains a high level of respect for every pilot on its roster. The leadership of the 365th understands that pilots enter into Aces High, and this squadron, as a means to entertainment, and as such appreciates the time and effort each pilot contributes to the game and to the success of the squad. While not nearly a perfect democracy in its operation, the leadership of the 365th respects and values the opinions of its members and encourages feedback on a wide variety of issues. No pilot should ever feel that a grievance can’t be brought to the attention of squad leadership. Every pilot should feel that they have a voice in the direction of the squad.

2. Pilot

Development: The leadership of the 365th understands that enjoyment of Aces High and of squad operations increases as a pilot's skills improve. Although often on an ad hoc basis, many members are more than happy to assist new members with training on a variety of skills. In addition, the leadership of the 365th seeks to develop leadership skills within the rank and file of the squad. The 365th fosters an Operations Officer Program where in any member of the squad may volunteer and sign up to lead the entire squad on a given Squad Night (Tuesday Nights 8pm EST.). Such volunteer Ops Officers are in full command of squad activities. This may seem a daunting task to some, but rest assured, if needed, good advice from seasoned veterans is readily available.

3. Recognition:

The 365th FBG Hell Hawks operates three sub-squadrons, all closely affiliated under the same overall Leadership: The 365th Hell Hawks FBG 386th Fighter Squadron, The 365th Hell Hawks FBG 387th Fighter Squadron, and 365th Hell Hawks FBG 388th Fighter Squadron. The 365th Hell Hawks maintains a distinctive roster structure within each squad (see roster page at 365th Roster). Promotions within the squad structure are a matter of recognition. Although seniority is a factor, recognition also incorporates such factors as loyalty, participation, and other contributions toward the success of the squadron. Promotion to Leadership positions also carries an added dimension. Although Leadership positions do impart a certain measure of recognition, 365th members so promoted also understand this as an opportunity to serve the squadron. In short, to help the next player who comes along.

4. Communication:

The leadership of the 365th is well aware that communication is a key element of success for the squadron and enjoyment for its members. As such the 365th employs a variety of methods of communication for its members upon completion of their probationary period, ranging from dedicated radio (vox) channel and Team Speak while online, and the use of squadron forums and email on our website. Access to Team Speak and email are free to members and are accessible from our web page. Team Speak and a" e-mail address will be available upon completion of the 365th FBG Hell Hawks probationary period.

5. Fun:

The leadership of the 365th understands that fun, and enjoyment are the first priority while playing Aces High II, and is the primary mission of the squadron. New ideas from squad members are always welcome for discussion.

In closing, the 365th strives to enhance the fun and enjoyment of all 365th Squadron Members in the Aces High II. This is accomplished through a supportive and structured environment, which is based on mutual respect, camaraderie, and Esprit de Corps. All 365th members and other players flying with the 365th will conduct themselves by our principals and code of conduct and an officer and gentleman at all times.

Code of Conduct

I. Code of Conduct

Every member of the Hell Hawks is expected to uphold the 365th FBG Hell Hawks Ideals of Pride, Dignity, and Honor at all times. By joining our ranks, you pledge to be a Hell Hawk first. Poor sportsmanship, taunting opponents, or interfering with other squads may be cause for disciplinary action. Cheating of any kind will be cause for immediate and permanent dismissal from the squad. Members are expected to exercise tact when posting on public BBSs, and should try to avoid participating in flame wars or putting up controversial posts. Members are expected be respectful of other pilots and squads at all times, and even more so to be respectful of other Hell Hawks at all times. Profanity on open channels or forums is not allowed, and repeated violations of any of these directives may be cause for disciplinary action. We are a group of friends that join the unit rather than just a single game.

II. Attendance

All Hell Hawks are expected to make every effort to attend meetings and practices for their primary squad. While it is understood that nobody will be able to make every meeting, every effort should be made to attend squad exercises. If you know you will be unavailable for a lengthy period of time, please contact your CO about being temporarily placed on the reserves list.

III. Recruiting

The 365th FBG Hell Hawks is currently looking for new members to fill its ranks. Many times, squadron members will actively recruit new members as they are always on the lookout for Fighter, Bomber pilots and Ground Assault Force players.

Joining the 365th-FBG

Anyone interested in joining the 365th, being over the age of twenty-one can contact any member and request to be considered for membership, or you may fill in an application here; Click Here.

The new member process is rather simple, however it is important that all the criteria are met to achieve full member status.

  • Recruits must be able to communicate via the currently approved voice communication program used by the squadron.
  • If help is needed, any 365th member will provide assistance.
  • New recruits are designated OTCs (Officer Training Candidates) and are required to join the squadron in the arena the 365th is currently operating in.
  • The OTC designation is held for thirty days, as the recruit is considered to be going through Officer Training Candidate School. During OT the Candidate is expected to get to know the other squadron members and start to learn the basics of the squadron operations.
  • Being signed into the squadron during this period helps the OTC, as they will be listed as a 365th member in the AH roster page and be able to participate in private squad communications in the text buffer.

Also, with the AH squad highlight function, the recruit will be able to easily distinguish other squadron members as well as have the squadron members be able to easily identify the OTC

  • If the OTC decides that the squadron is not for them, then they may leave the squad at their option at any time.
  • Conversely, if the squadron members do not feel that the OTC is acting appropriately or trying to fit into the squadron structure, the CO or XO may remove the OTC from the squadron. It is expected that all OTCs understand this and no hard feelings will be held against anyone if that action is required.
  • At the end of OTC, the new member is promoted to the rank of Flight Officer (FO) and becomes regular member of the squadron and is given full member access to include web-site email and squadron Team Speak.

An Open Letter from the Commanding Officer

To All,

I would like to take a moment to personally explain why these requirements are here.  In regards to on-line war simulations, it is to be in a structured group where there are specific goals and a clear chain of command. This means that the squad acts like a real military unit instead of everyone just getting together but still doing their own thing. When orders are given by higher-ranking members, it is expected that they be followed, however all members are encouraged to give opinions to help the officers in command make better decisions. The real goal is for everyone to have fun. As CO, I understand that most people do not want to be ordered around while they are playing a game. There for I would like to think of this squadron as a team. But in order to be successful, even a team must be organized and has to be willing to follow direction. During squad night, or other scheduled activities there may be very specific orders given, that will need true teamwork and effort. I hope that all members will be able to follow the plans and make whatever mission is undertaken a success.

HGDAN, Commanding Officer
365th FBG Hell Hawks


Copyright © by The 365th Fighter Bomber Group of Aces High II All Rights Reserved.

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