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Version 2.29 Patch 4 Changes======================Added a return salute (.rs) dot command. Typing .rs will return a salute back to whover saluted you last.Your plane will no longer try to move when you open your throttle and your tailhook is engaged with the wire. You need to raise your tailhook before you can move. This will prevent planes from getting slung off of the deck.Made the following changes to the 88mm auto flak. The maximum range remains at 35000 feet but there is now a maximum horizontal range of about 26000 feet. Flak now targets bombers in preference to fighters. A fighter must be at least half the distance of the bomber before the flak will target the fighter over the bomber.Flak will stop firing at at enemy planes that have a friendly plane within 1000 yards of it. It will either switch to a different target or stop firing if no other targets are available.Fixed a couple more button texture issues on the clipboard.Added min sortie time requirements to certain achievements like number of sorties and expended ordnance achievements. Added a display to the achievement menu to show progress to the next star level.Added a game id display to the achievement menu to show who's achievements you are looking at.Version 2.29 Patch 3 Changes======================Fixed a crash bug that could occur with repeated presses of the submit key in the achievement menu.Version 2.29 Patch 2 Changes======================Fixed a bug that would cause a field icon to stop flashing after a disco reconnect.Radio buffer tabs are now limited to 5 separate tabs.Auto-takeoff can now be reenabled using the autopilot key if you are stopped on the ground.Clipboard button textures were not loading.Achievement System Beta -A lot of redesign, fixes, and expansion have gone into the achievement system.Changed how reputation stars work to avoid conflicts with things like the .squelch command.Added an option in the achievement menu to disable the display of stars.Achievements now display a progress bar.Earned achievements now show a time and date stamp of when they were earned.The reputation value of an achievement is now displayed in the achievement description. All values are currently set to 10 for the beta. There is also a reputation page that tracks how much reputation in each category you've earned.Added and replaced achievement categories. Added a lot of new achievements and achievement icons. Not all achievements have a unique name at this point in the beta.Added an in-game achievement icon auto downloader.Fixed all known bugs regarding the awarding of various achievements.Version 2.29 Patch 1 Changes======================Added a close button to the achievements menu.Field altitudes are displayed again in the Country/Field status menu.Implemented various fixes to the Achievement system beta. Fixed a LoD bug that could cause low LoD shapes to be displayed if you had your environment mapping turned up but did not have water reflections enabled.Made the .sweath command (set weather) available offline for loading and testing cloud patterns. Note that the .awa weather file must exist in teh Aces High\chconfig\terrain name folder where terrain name is the name of the terrain you are using.Version 2.29 Patch 0 Changes======================This version starts a beta test of a new achievement system. Achievements are awarded for accomplishing specific tasks ranging from simple to extremely difficult, silly to historically inspired. The purpose of the beta is to make sure that the achievement system properly awards and stores achievements. The achievements themselves will be updated and expanded as we go forward through the beta. Some achievements are set low in the beta to foster easier testing. ALL BETA ACHIEVEMENTS YOU EARN WILL BE DELETED AT THE END OF THE BETA AND PROBABLY DURING THE BETA AS NEEDED FOR TESTING. THESE ARE NOT THE PERMANENT ACHIEVEMENTS DURING THE BETA. Please see the Achievement Beta forum on our BBS for more information about achievements and to report bugs or make suggestions about the achievement system. The Hurricane series in Aces High has been updated and expanded. The Hurricane Mk I and Mk IID remain as stand alone models. The Hurricane Mk IIC is now labeled as the Hurricane Mk II and will have the option of loading then A (8 x .303), B (12 x .303), or C (4 x 20mm) wings. The Sea Hurricane Mk I will be available as a completely new model and will be available from aircraft carriers. Thanks to Greebo for making the skins to these planes.Extensively reworked large sections of the flight modeling on the Hurricanes. They will fly, handle, and perform differently than the previous version. The variants now have unique performance charts.The M8 Greyhound's 3D shape has been updated.Updated the cloud system with new techniques for improved performance and looks. The previous cloud files and cloud editor are no longer compatible with this version. There is a new option in the advanced graphic details menu to turn on bump mapping on clouds.Updated the convoy and train objects.Added new bomb classifications to the game. In addition to General Purpose(GP) bombs, there are now Armor Piercing(AP), Semi-Armor Piercing (SAP), and High Capacity (HC) or Light Case (LC) bombs. For purposes of the game, compared to a GP bomb of the same weight the new bombs do the following: HC or LC bombs do 75% damage on a direct hit and have 125% of the blast radius. SAP bombs do 125% damage on direct hits and have 33% of the blast radius. AP bombs do 150% damage on direct hits and have 20% of the blast radius. AP and SAP bombs are mostly available on dive bombers. Made 3d and texture improvements on roads and rails.Changed bomb drop animations so that bombs don't instantly stabilize to their velocity vector. Distance fogging of mountains and objects now blends in to the color of the horizon.Fixed the extra set of windows on the interior of the B-29 cockpit.Fixed a movement bug on the Ju 87G external view rear gun turret/shield.Fixed a bug on the Fi 156 that would sometimes cause the wrong wing to be destroyed in a collision.Fixed a bug in the Ju 87's that caused the tail wheel to remain when the rear fuselage was gone.Revised the roll rate of the Spitfire Mk I.Fixed a bug in the P-40N that could put bombs and drop tanks in the same weapon selection group.Fixed the missing brake sound. Brake sound can be turned off in the advanced sound menu.Added bomb bay drag to the Me 410.Reworked the damage mapping on all P-47 models.Added labels to the Me 410 gunner positions.Fixed a bug that could show the wrong ordnance selection on the secondary weapon after a rearm.Fixed a bug that caused oil leaks from the G4M engine to remain after a wing was missing.

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